Warring Thru Worship
Hi! I am so excited that you are here! :)

Warring thru worship is one of my passions and it is so awesome to see my friends starting to share that passion.

But maybe you haven't really heard about my vision that started all this. Or maybe you don't even know me, but were introduced through someone else. Either way, I am super excited that you are interested and I would love to share with you some of what Warring Thru Worship is. Late summer/early fall 2013 I experienced a lot of growth. It was a time when the fire in my spirit was being flamed and I was really excited about God and what he was doing. I wanted Him to use me, and consistently told Him so :)

One Sunday during those months, one of our preachers briefly mentioned the up-coming Halloween 'holiday'. I don't really remember what he said, other than something down the line of how much the presence of darkness was growing the closer Halloween got. Now, I was listening, but it wasn't like I was intently focusing on what he was saying. Kind of listening passively :)

All at once I got... A vision I guess :) It wasn't really a picture but it was more than just a thought.... Halloween is about worshiping Satan, right? It's about stealing from God and going against everything that is good and of Him. But Satan has turned it into something that seems OK. Even good. He has blinded many people to the truth and we have become passive about it. What if we would stand up, take responsibility, and fight back? What if we would go in direct opposition of halloween by having a praise and worship/prayer service instead?

And that was all. About as soon as it entered my mind it was gone.. But as I continued praying and asking God to use me, I kept remembering the 'vision'. Finally I started realizing, “Oh, wait a minute God, are you asking me to do something like that?!” I wasn't too impressed with that idea :) So I sat on it and didn't tell anyone. But as much as I tried, I couldn't get away from it. The longer time went, the less I could forget about it, and the more uncomfortable I became :)

Finally I had to get it out, So I begrudgingly told mom, thinking that after that, everything would stop and I'd be fine.. Well that didn't happen :) I should have known that she would get excited about it and wouldn't let me forget:) We started talking to others and getting confirmation and affirmation. And so that's how Warring Thru Worship Started.

This will be our fifth year and it's been a rather long, sometimes painful, but very rewarding journey since the beginning. The first year, we kind of knew what we wanted, but we didn't know how to get there. It was a major walk of faith and we spent lots of time in prayer. God worked in amazing ways! We had our battles and plenty of them, but God always pulled us through. We felt a lot of opposition, but His power was always stronger. The service on Halloween was amazing. We started off with a prayer walk, and then had a worship service and then prayer time. God's presence was very real!

But the enemy was angry and we came under some pretty heavy attacks. It was a very real struggle for me to decide whether I was gonna have another one the next year. I decided to push through and started making plans for the next one. God came through again! :) Things started falling in to place, and my excitement began to grow. We decided to turn it into a weekend event and we had a lot of people turn up. It turned out amazing. Again. And again :)

Where before it had simply been me acting on a vision. It began to grow into a passion and burden. I started thinking of it as more than just present, one-time thing. Satan was mad again and there were times this year that I have just wanted to give up and forget it all. But through God's power and the encouragement of seeing others catch the vision  I am very excited about Warring Thru Worship this year!!

Our goal for Warring thru Worship is spiritual warfare. We want to be very specific in standing in our authority against Satan and the powers of darkness. In taking back ground that he's stolen. And in claiming our community for God and his work. We are expecting a power packed weekend!

I'm super excited! Hope to see you:)

Our time together will include group discussions, small group time, games/activities, some community service, hay-rides, a bonfire (weather permitting), singing, worshiping God, walking the streets, prayer walking, and growing closer to God and each other. And of course some free time and lots of amazing food:)
What's Happening?
~ Warring Thru Worship dates are Sunday, October 29 - Wednesday, November 1. Plan to arrive between 4:30 and 5:30 Sunday evening.

~ If you play an instrument, bring it! We may have chances to spend time playing music together:)

~ We will be spending time outside, and it will be cold. Bring jackets, blankets, hats, gloves and whatever else you may want to keep you warm:)
Whitestone Ministries
7451 Pleasant View Dr Lisbon OH 44432

For information call:
Jeff 443-370-0245
Matt 330-831-5400