Hey y'all! Welcome back!!

So glad you are thinking of joining us again for another youth rally!!! I LOVE youth rallies - meeting other young people, connecting at heart levels, encouraging each other in our relationships with God, and just hanging out, being me, and having a party:) I always come away from the weekend, sad that its over, but greatly empowered and encouraged from everything that God did and all the amazing things that happened and the relationships that were built! And I'm almost positive that each person that has come to previous ones could say the same!:)

Our vision for this youth rally, and ultimately all of them, is to spend time connecting with God and each other, and to strengthen our walk with God by hearing from Him and serving others. We feel like part of our calling as a ministry is to teach and empower young people to step out in their God-given talents and callings and to go out and change the world. It’s a very exciting calling, cause youth are so powerful, and God can do so much through us:)

We are expecting great things from this rally:) God has let us in on a little secret - He has some pretty amazing and powerful things in store for us! I would love to have YOU join us and be a part of that plan!!!:)
New Years!
... Coming soon!! :)
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