Call To Prayer - Friday April 29
   Hey hey!:)
Oh the thought of another youth rally and spending another weekend with y'all makes my heart dance! :) And this one is especially exciting, with it being quite a bit different than any we've had so far...
   Our vision and focus for this rally is prayer... Every year there is something called 'Men's Rally in the Valley' in Youngstown, the city we prayer-walked in last time. It's a packed-full, fairly intense day of revival, specifically for men. Music groups come in to lead out in worship, and many speakers to teach. The commitee for the Men's Rally asked us to be their on-site prayer team! So it'll be like a smaller youth rally focused on praying for the larger men's rally!! Like, this is huge guys!!! It is such a God-ordained opportunity. They are expecting 3,000-5,000 men. Think of the impact we could make!
   We want to go up Friday night to help set up and spend time praying for the place. Then Saturday we wanna be able to pray for each music group and speaker before they go on stage. And also be available if people want specific prayer.
   It will be amazing and fun! But it will also be intense. The weekend is gonna be very busy, and will be full of praying and warring. Come prepared to fight! I don't think we as youth realize what power we have and the way we impact other's lives. I don't think we know the testimony we carry to everyone around us! When we walk with God, we walk in power! Let's use that power to fight for and bless others!
   I'm super excited! can't wait to see you!!!

The weekend starts lunchtime Friday April 29! We'll start off with welcome & introductions. Then We'll split into small group for a time of connection. We plan to have a late after nooon meal before heading up to Y-Town. We'll spend the rest of the day up there helping where we can.

Saturday we will be in Youngstown again - Praying :)
The mens rally normally ends around 4:30, So after that we'll head back to W.S. for a time of connecting & Talking

Sunday We're planning on a relaxing Sunday :) A morning meeting and then talking, games and hanging out! :)
What's Happening?
Plan to be here by 12:30 so that we have enough time for a few activities and a light late lunch. We'll need to be leaving by 4:30
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